Revive a Dead Car Battery

how to recondition a car battery

Battery Reconditioning Succes Rate

So how does this work, and what is the success rate? Considering the cost of materials is only a few dollars, battery reconditioning is well worth trying. When a battery loses its state of charge it has become more of a base than an acid, so the electrical power it generates through the chemical reaction of the magnesium sulfate and the lead plates inside the battery has been reduced. By adding water instead of the proper chemical solution you are accomplishing nothing. So, unless the lead plates inside your battery have broken off, which is rare, this procedure almost always works. The success rate is about 98%. I have done this to many batteries and only a few have failed. However, I’ve found this can only be done 2 to 3 times before the battery is no longer able to be resurrected.

Be SO very careful around the battery when you have it on a charger. You shouldn't charge a battery with the vent caps off. If you're going to replace electrolyte or add water or whatever, do that first

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