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Follow these exercises during pregnancy

Exercises During Pregnancy:

Pregnancy is often the first time in woman's life that she will experience so many different feelings both physically and psychologically. The majority of the discomfort can be directly related to physical changes that take place during pregnancy and their resultant bio mechanical effects upon functional movement. More then one-third of women experience back and pelvic pain at some stage during pregnancy. Pregnancy women an average weight gain of 10-12 kg, It may be increased, in blood volume 1.2 kg , placenta 0.6kg, amniotic fluid 0.8kg, increased uterus 0.9kg, fat deposits 4.0kg and extra cellular fluid 1.2kg.

Women can improve muscular strength, which is especially good preparation for carrying a baby and by developing upper body strength and abdominal muscles, helps to over come the forward pull of the growing babies weight. Women who travel long distances, have sedentary jobs should especially be encouraged to carry out frequent foot and ankle circlin

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