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Time to Beat the Heat: Itís Summer Again

Precautions During Summer:

Its summer time again... time for you to heat up for at least next three months till the monsoons arrive to cool you down. Although this season really doesn't affect too much to those who live in air-conditioned homes, travel in air-conditioned cars, and work in air-conditioned workplaces, yet almost all of us sweat and suffer this season especially the common man sweats it out hard in this scotching hot climate. However, there are ways to beat the heat and enjoy this weather in a different way, provided you are well equipped to protect yourself against the odds of this climate. And as always it is prevention better than the cure.

To beat the heat first and foremost, change your attire to suit the climate. Keep off thy style for a while

  • Dress for the summer sun: Wear light-coloured and loose cotton clothes to keep you cool and comfortable all the time.
  • Carry an umbrella while moving outside, even if you have applied a sunscreen lotion. The shade under y
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