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The discovery of the vitamin types

Vitamins : Types, discovery and what do they do for you..?

Vitamins are organic compounds required by living organisms in smaller amounts as a vital nutritive in order to perform the processes of life. Vitamins supplied from food, as the living things either doesn’t develop of them or none at all. An organic compound that contains carbon molecule when a living thing cannot develop sufficient amounts of an organic chemical compound and it has to derive from food is known as a “Vitamin”; are classified by their biological and chemical activity. Therefore, each “vitamin” relates to a number of “vitamer compounds “that all demonstrate the biological activity link up with a particular vitamin. Such a set of chemicals sorted under an alphabetised vitamin “generic signifier” title, such as “vitamin A”. By definition, vitamer compounds are transformable to the active form of the vitamin in the body, and are sometimes inter- transformable to one another, as well.

Vitamins carry out lot of act

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