My aol gold icon not working

aol icon not working after instalingl aol gold

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my aol gold icon not responding on desktop

My AOL Desktop Gold icon is not responding!!

Well, we are always in search of advanced technology based gadgets and services and in the same process AOL Desktop Gold for email services which provides the users a fabulous email service with various features where users can utilize it for sending and receiving emails and attachments too. Apart from various features sometimes user’s complaints that my AOL Desktop gold icon is not responding’‘I am clicking on AOL Desktop Gold icon but it’s not working’ ‘my AOL Gold icon won’t start when I Click on the icon, ‘my AOL Gold Icon Not working after Installing AOL Gold’  my AOL Gold Icon is not working on Mac’ etc  , In such issues, the users can't-do anything as they are not techno-friendly and need some assistance from technical experts who can resolve the issue in a proper manner. 

As we had seen in above description that the users can utilize the features of AOL Desktop Gold as well as face some technical issues like ‘I am unable to open

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