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With a 900 feet range, electronic Dog Collar such as Doged shock collars can be extremely helpful in training and modifying the unwanted behavior of y

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Remote training collars for dogs (100%Safe and Humane) - Doged Technology

What's superior to having a canine? An all around prepared pooch who knows how to carry on! We would be the first to acknowledge this is considerably less demanding said than done. Outstanding amongst other routes around here is remote training collars for canines. Reasonable for pooches of all sizes, shapes, and breeds, these collars have been observed to be to a great degree compelling, simple to work and safe.

DogEd remote preparing collars for puppies accompany a 30-day unconditional promise, guaranteeing that you are happy with your purchase. Suggested by a portion of the best-known veterinarians in the nation, these remote preparing collars for dogs accompany 900 feet extend, giving you the choice to control the development of your puppy without running behind him.

These collars arrive in a few variants, viz. battery worked and rechargeable. Both these collars offer three unique methods of operation, viz. stun, vibration and tone. These can be utilized according to your nec

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ComTech Astro Pro II - Best Training Collars For Dogs

Dog Shock Collars have been known to create the best electric collars for dogs, with a modest bunch of valuable components including a wide range and waterproofing.

Who Is This Product Best Suited For?

The Astro Pro II Waterproof & Rechargeable Dog Training System is best suited for our customers looking for a reliable, high quality, cost-effective indoor remote training system. It was primarily designed for training in townhouses, apartments, and houses with small to medium sized backyards. The system is waterproof so it is great for swimming dogs. Both the remote and receiver can be simultaneous. It comes with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, 1-year warranty and unlimited customer support.

Astro Pro SafeGuard Technology  Astro Pro was designed with our SafeGuard Technology to prevent harm to your dog. This product delivers pulsating stimulation to ensure stimulation only acts as an annoyance rather than a punishment. The safety and well being of your dog is our top concern. continue reading
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Elite Training System - Shock & Vibration Dog Training Collar

In order to enter our catalog of remote training products, each manufacturer's product must pass our quality assurance tests to ensure it safe for both you and your pet. Failing any of our tests bans the manufacturer from selling with us.

Poorly manufactured products can short circuit or even exploded while in use or charging. The obvious results are harmful to your dog, damage to your home or harm to you. An example of battery explosion from a low-quality remote trainer is shown to the right.

What You Must Know Before You Buy

In designing our products, we work closely with Veterinarians to ensure our product is effective and safe for all dogs. The recommendation of all vets we consulted with has been, the remote training dog collars must have 3 modes of stimulation with varying degrees of intensity. The reason for 3 is because you MUST start with the least intense stimuli, that being vibration, and work your way up to static stimulation (if needed) to find the right correction se

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