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Where To Buy Or Rent Excellent Quality Winch ?

For different ranges of winches, different rent is chargeable.The 6-10mT Umbilical Winch contains 4000m cable with 100/200 HPU function, Lebus shell, and hollow stub shaft, etc. It’s mainly used for control of ROV and LARS.

Source: http://articles.al.lv/article/40554/Where-To-Buy-Or-Rent-Excellent-Quality-Winch

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Enjoy Low Cost Survey With Offshore Umbilical Winch!

by eneajansen17 - Dec 17, 2017 - offshore umbilical winch

The supplier has to invest money in organizing maintenance of the offshore equipment and the surveying companies don’t have to spend money for the maintenance of the equipments. In this case, the surveying company will get readily calibrated oceanographic equipment for survey purpose and they have to pay only rent for the same. Really, the benefits are unlimited.

Now, you must have well idea about offshore rental equipment to reduce expenses on survey works. If you need more information about various equipment or umbilical winches, you can search on various search engines.


Source: http://latesttrends.strikingly.com/blog/enjoy-low-cost-survey-with-offshore-umbilical-winch


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Marine Equipments: Significance And Use

Umbilical winch and sheave techniques developed for ROV/Ts of all types utilize direct on-winch effective heave settlement technology offering the extremely accurate position and speed power over a higher lifetime.

Source: https://penzu.com/public/4b5e557c

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