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Horror film : Why do we Scare so Much?

by healthfactor - Jun 08, 2017

People used to listen to the myths and legends of story-tellers. Today, at any time - whether in the cinema or at home on the couch - we can enjoy the perfect fun experience. But why do we fear so much?To be afraid without being in danger? Horrorfilme do exactly that. They are at the same time repulsive and attractive, and even if it is so frightening that we can not look, we blink out under the hand. But why does horror on the screen exert such a tremendous fascination on us? Salman Khan upcoming Tube light movie.The reason for this is the messenger dopamine. This body pours out our bodies when we feel a good horror film, scream and tremble with fear. The resulting euphoria is also referred to as "anxiety loss" in the context of Horror film. The same processes take place in our bodies, for example, when we eat something good.

Enjoy the fear

The feeling of danger is a contrast to the often monotonous everyday life for people. However, the feeling of fear can only be enjoyed if there

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