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Know about the exact causes of Impotence

by johnwalker - Mar 08, 2018 - Men health

It is always difficult to find out the links between diseases and erectile dysfunction. If you are not aware with the signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction then treatment is very difficult. One more thing, nobody wants to discuss about the ED because of taboo condition. According to the national health reports, 50 percent men suffer from the erectile dysfunction between the ages of 40 to 70.  The root causes of erectile dysfunction are divided in to two categories, the largest number belongs to physiological causes and least numbers belongs to the psychological causes. I will help you to understand about the real causes of erectile dysfunction and its better treatments.

Let’s start with the physiological causes:-

Most of the medical conditions that affect the blood circulation and damage nerves are directly linked with the erection difficulties. There is no doubt that physiological problems can affect the ability of men to get normal erection.


Uncontrolled Diabetes

The ri

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