Like Mother like daughter

Like Mother like daughter

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How I fucked my Mother

by literotica - Sep 16, 2017 - How I fucked my Mother

if you have read some of my stories, you can make more or less a picture of me. If not, I complete it a little. I am a resak and count with my over 90 stories (damn, are there really so many now, I should write maybe a real book) to a primary rock here on Literotica. Driven by my lust and my fetish, I wrote countless different stories with a central theme: incest. Sometimes brother sister, rare father-daughter, but mostly mother-son.

Why do I stand on it? No idea. I've never been a psychologist and I've never studied psychology myself. Maybe it is because I was very early in terms of my sexuality and wanted to sex very early. This revealed a fixation to older women, in whom a mother represents this particular. But I do not want to bore you with my self-diagnosis, even if it is not quite irrelevant to this report.

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