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Teens with Substance Abuse Develop Self Efficacy in Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness therapy programs- Token

How many times have we seen someone we love to refuse to do something without ever trying? In our hearts, we know that if they would just give it a try, there is a good chance that they would succeed. We may think, “They lack self-esteem or self-worth”' this is partially correct, but it is missing the most important part of the equation: Self Efficacy. 

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1817A Carleton BERKELEY, CA 94703

Stunning brand new construction in Berkeley! John Newton designed contemporary construction, with a wonderful floorplan that provides incredible indoor/outdoor access, high ceilings and gorgeous finishes. Offering over 2,000 square feet of absolute luxurious new construction, 1817A Carleton has three large bedrooms, three spectacular bathrooms, radiant heat, huge windows that flood the home with light, a spacious back yard. This home offers green features such as on demand hot water and cisterns to collect water run off. Magically located close to Berkeley Bowl, Ashby BART and downtown Berkeley, this wonderful home will bring an ease of living and lifestyle for the modern age. continue reading
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How to Break the Cycle of a Repetitious Education

makario community school

Do you remember being a 5th-grader and savoring those last few weeks of summer before you start back to school? You treasure every day, skating in the street with your friends, swimming at the community pool and staying up to the last minute of your summer bedtime curfew. 

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Parents Workshop at Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness

Parent-Workshop-blue ridge wilderness

Our next parent workshop is September 7 and 8, in Clayton, GA. These workshops are designed to be small (6-10) to individualize the focus on your specific families.

  • Learn more about your child’s experience.
  • Understand and practice the tools they are using.
  • Learn how to identify the needs beneath the behavior and make a plan for your family.
  • Get support from and connect to other families.

Visit website for more details.

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What is Denali Agency?


Our clients benefit from the expanded knowledge and expertise these strategic partnerships offer. Allowing Denali Agency to be the one-stop shop to our clients by providing a comprehensive service offering that encompasses from the beginning of creating a business through the marketing of that business and everything in between.

Our clients benefit from the breadth of members these strategic partnerships offer. With a diverse group of experts, we are available to support and jump in as needed to create solutions, and scale to the needs of our clients.

Our clients benefit from the combined work ethic and dedication these strategic partnerships offer. Each partner maintains a strong and committed work ethic focusing on client satisfaction and project success. Each member of Denali Agency works to do their best work to ensure our service/product benefits our client.

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5 Hacks to Change Your Thinking


The mind is a powerful, creative thing. If you don’t believe me, then ponder reality as you watch the thought-provoking movie Inception; or read a biography about the life of Steve Jobs; or observe the fascinating and unique architecture of Antoni Gaudi; or absorb yourself in the imaginary world of Harry Potter. People creatively use their minds to change our world, and your mind is not excluded!

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Stop Begging For Back Links : 5 Tactics to Earn Links

socialmedia-2017 The world’s best link builders, link outreach experts, when we talked to agencies, they say, “Our best folks only hover in the 5% to 10% success rate”. continue reading
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Top 10 Social Media Sites 2017


Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration. Websites and applications dedicated to forums,micro-blogging, social networking, social bookmarking, social curation, and wikis are among the different types of social media.

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University-Model High School for the Liberated Youth

University-Model High School

Did you know that George Washington Carver was the local “plant doctor” before he turned 13? Or that George Washington was a land surveyor in his teenage years? Or that Laura Ingalls Wilder began her teaching career prior to her 16th birthday? These teens were not much different than ours today. They were passionate about something, yet they had the freedom to pursue their passion.

You’ve been hearing a lot from us about…the Makarios Path to Self-Directed Learning...How we Approach Education at Makarios…breaking the Repetition Cycle so often found in traditional education...and the similarities between Finland’s top-ranking education system and Democratic Free schools. And these are all great examples of this model’s success, but what about the high school student that has struck out on their own, or (gasp!) dropped-out of school?

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Cultivating a “Growth Mindset” in Wilderness Therapy

Hot Chocolate

When my best friend first tossed the idea my way, I had two competing thoughts, of equal size and strength, immediately pop into my brain. Thought #1: “She believes in you, and wants what’s best for you. She wants to have a fun experience together.” Thought #2: “She is a lunatic, and even after being friends for 35 years, she is clearly trying to kill me.”

What was the idea she dared me to consider? To run a 10k race together, under the guise of “It’s for a GOOD CAUSE! Don’t you want to see these elementary school kids have the chance to have a new school?!”


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