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What Do You Do?

Janica Mortan

When I first meet someone and am asked the question, "What do you do?", I always smile and laugh, here is my answer and why: "Hi, my name is Janni and I run a business or two and homeschool some of my kids, so basically I manage chaos." Read more

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University-Model High School for the Liberated Youth

self directed learning

Did you know that George Washington Carver was the local “plant doctor” before he turned 13? Or that George Washington was a land surveyor in his teenage years? Or that Laura Ingalls Wilder began her teaching career prior to her 16th birthday? These teens were not much different than ours today. They were passionate about something, yet they had the freedom to pursue their passion.

You’ve been hearing a lot from us about…the Makarios Path to Self-Directed Learning...How we Approach Education at Makarios…breaking the Repetition Cycle so often found in traditional education...and the similarities between Finland’s top-ranking education system and Democratic Free schools. And these are all great examples of this model’s success, but what about the high school student that has struck out on their own, or (gasp!) dropped-out of school?


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Beautiful Home in California at reasonable price


One of 2 townhomes built and designed by David Trachtenberg at the historic Rose Street Grocery in the heart of North Berkeley.. 2209 Rose Street is the rear townhouse at Rose Street. 1510 square feet. 2 bedrooms, 2 and a 1/2 baths with a bonus office / family room, 2209 Rose Street features 10 foot ceilings, Brazilian Cherry wood floors, and stone countertops. Glass doors from the living room open to a serene backyard welcomes you. This beautiful townhouse also comes with a private garage. Location is everything and 2209 Rose Street is just blocks from all you want to be near in North Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto. If you have been looking for that unique and special property in Berkeley, this may be the place. Visit website for more details

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Lessons Learned : A Balancing Act with Referrals = Continuing To Grow.


It normally begins with an email or a tweet or a FB message and goes something like - "Howdy, I am John Doe and my business does XYZ. Our site is obsolete and Mr. Smith alluded you to me. We require help, what are your rates?"  Read more at our website.

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Wilderness Therapy programs for Troubled Teens in Georgia

adolescents program

The Footsteps Program at Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness is a licensed, clinically-driven wilderness therapy program designed to meet the specific needs of boys and girls, ages 10 – 14.

The play is the foundation of Wilderness Therapy with pre teens and is incorporated in all activities of the Footsteps Program. The staff thoughtfully engages, challenge, and motivate these students to gain stronger physical, mental, social, and emotional resiliency.

The ultimate goal for the Footsteps student is that they:

  • develop social skills and healthy interactions
  • build interpersonal relationships
  • improve emotional regulation
  • increase levels of self-esteem and self-confidence

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Wilderness programs for troubled teens

The Footsteps program at Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness is a troubled youth program designed for co-ed groups of students.

Pre-teens thrive in safe, predictable and structured surroundings. We have designed our Footsteps program to support tweens and teens in their specific developmental needs. Incorporating solid routines, structure, and concrete experiences. This population requires extra “hand-holding” and additional support to ensure they feel safe. read more

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Would you be surprised if I told you THIS is the food our students are eating this week?

food in Blue Ridge wilderness


The traditional backpacker’s diet is known for dried meat, pasta, beans, and grains. Not exactly a rainbow of colorful fruits and veggies! AtBlue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness our pursuit of the best possible nutrition for our students is constantly evolving. We work alongside a nutritionist to identify the optimal combination of calorie density, nutrients, protein, and carbohydrates to support the activity of backpacking without loading up on sugar and processed foods. This is challenging because we also have the concern of weight as well as traditional foodie favorites of our staff and students. Read more

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Beautifull Homes in California at beautiful location

Location, Location, Location! Everyone always asks for that spectacular location. Well, here it is! 1230 Walnut, located near the coveted Berkeley Gourmet Ghetto, offers a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home that looks forward to your vision to remodel and update this lovely home. This terrific opportunity also has a legal studio with full bath and separate entrance. Some previous seismic work was done as well. Located next to the verdant and lovely Live Oak Park, this is a rare opportunity in a wonderful location. Visit website for more details 

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Adolescents Wilderness programs for Teens

Adolescents, at Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness, experience an adventure that takes them beyond shifts in behavior to true second order change. We believe it is the depth of work and individualization that matter most, which is why we maintain a simple nomadic model. This allows for the greatest amount of flexibility to meet the needs of each unique teen we work with, as well as the peer group they are integrated within. The constant, gentle pressure on this model speaks volumes to our students. It reminds them of their own self-agency, power, compassion, responsibility, depth, and resilience.

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Grow your business by Hiring Professional consultants In California, Pleasanton, Texas

Expertise. It’s the core of strategy and plans. Without it, you’re either making mistakes or making guesses with your business.

Is there enough expertise fueling your business decisions? Is your website design driving engagement? Is it inspiring conversion? Is your SEO driving, quality organic traffic? Are you operating your business as efficiently as possible?

We ask questions to understand your challenges and follow that with recommendations to solve problems. Our clients view us as an extension of their team, filling in expertise where needed so their business is performing efficiently, profitably and accomplishing their goals.

  • Strategic Planning
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  • And much more!
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