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What Color Are You?

Democratic School

The number of flashbacks that ran through my mind were innumerable, both from my childhood and my interactions with the students of Makarios. It's surprising how easy it is to brush aside a child. You grow more and more immune to the ever-lasting nuisance that is a child's creativity and curiosity. "Why? Why? Why?" 

"Look at this ball of play-doh I mashed together!"

"5 more minutes please! I want to beat this level!"


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Maslow's Pyramid - Support Your Child's Climb to Self-Actualization.


Abraham Maslow, known to his friends as Abe, was a Russian-Jewish boy born in 1908. During his childhood in New York City, he had a lofty dream to change the world. That idea began to take root when Abe attended the University of Wisconsin. He chose to study psychology, simply because it was socially practical and useful. His degree led him to a position as a professor of psychology at Brooklyn College.


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Supporting At-Risk Students


Not long ago “at-risk youth” could be defined as a young person exposed to a daily onslaught of gangs, drugs, and violence within a single-parent, low income demographic.  According to the organization: At Risk Youth Programs, behaviors that result in “dangerous lifestyles” are often the result of stress that kids experience.  In recent years we have seen a shift in demographics of at-risk youth.  With the stress of school, extra-curricular activities, learning differences, and ever increasing mandates to test and measure progress, our kids are being medicated and go to therapy to “normalize” outcomes.  As a result, our education system in America has created an entire population of at-risk youth from every demographic!

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What Do You Do?

Janica Mortan

When I first meet someone and am asked the question, "What do you do?", I always smile and laugh, here is my answer and why: "Hi, my name is Janni and I run a business or two and homeschool some of my kids, so basically I manage chaos." Read more

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University-Model High School for the Liberated Youth

self directed learning

Did you know that George Washington Carver was the local “plant doctor” before he turned 13? Or that George Washington was a land surveyor in his teenage years? Or that Laura Ingalls Wilder began her teaching career prior to her 16th birthday? These teens were not much different than ours today. They were passionate about something, yet they had the freedom to pursue their passion.

You’ve been hearing a lot from us about…the Makarios Path to Self-Directed Learning...How we Approach Education at Makarios…breaking the Repetition Cycle so often found in traditional education...and the similarities between Finland’s top-ranking education system and Democratic Free schools. And these are all great examples of this model’s success, but what about the high school student that has struck out on their own, or (gasp!) dropped-out of school?


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