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Supporting At-Risk Students


Not long ago “at-risk youth” could be defined as a young person exposed to a daily onslaught of gangs, drugs, and violence within a single-parent, low income demographic.  According to the organization: At-Risk Youth Programs, behaviors that result in “dangerous lifestyles” are often the result of stress that kids experience.  In recent years we have seen a shift in demographics of at-risk youth.  With the stress of school, extra-curricular activities, learning differences, and ever-increasing mandates to test and measure progress, our kids are being medicated and go to therapy to “normalize” outcomes.  As a result, our education system in America has created an entire population of at-risk youth from every demographic!

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Democracy = A form of government that gives power to the people.


The community’s foundation is self-government. During our community meetings, we discuss a variety of topics including the school fiscal report, clubs, field trips, interests and issues. We follow Robert’s Rules of Order during our meetings. As a community the members create and vote upon the constitution and amendments of our school. It is this set of rules that govern our community. These rules define the areas in which our personal freedoms should not impose on the freedoms of the community. Students and mentors learn boundaries, respect, character, debate and consequences within this system.

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