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Repair vs Replace Should You Ditch Your Old Windows to Make Room for New Ones

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Windows are prone to general wear and tear, which means they will eventually become weaker in the future. Although having your old windows repaired may seem like the more cost-effective decision, there are still a lot more reasons why replacing them is the greater choice.




Most indoor designs in the market right now have modern themes. For those who own houses with old windows, they are advised to replace them every few years to avoid further physical danger


Personal Health


Did you know that items painted before 1978 have been painted with lead-based paint? Though the paints we are currently using are safe, viewers believe health our number one priority. This means people should consider replacing their windows instead.  


Are your worried or confused about the condition of your old windows? AtPhoenix Window Installation Pros, our goal is to help our clients have the windows of their dreams. If you need help in repairing broken windows, feel free to co

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