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The Dangers of Having Old Windows

Windows add a certain type of charm to your house. They allow natural lighting to come in, which gives more depth to the home’s interior part. Windows obviously get weaker and less energy efficient as time passes by. Here are some of the reasons why keeping old windows are not a good idea:


Instances of rotting

Window frames made of wood material are the ones usually affected by extreme weather conditions. Rotting windows often happen to houses located in regions that experience snow or rainy seasons because they have a longer exposure on moisture. They must be replaced ASAP to avoid further damage.


Expansion and contraction

Vinyl windows, like wood, are easily affected by weather. These types of windows can expand and contract in time as they continue to be exposed to rain water. They must be changed right away because they can be brittle during the winter and less durable when summer time comes


Poor insulation

Many homeowners choose aluminum windows due to the strong

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